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FREE Internet Speed Test
DownSpeedTestTM checks Internet speed by testing your upload speed and your download speed. You can check them one at a time to see which is running faster or slower. The results come back in mega bits per second – or Mbps – the rate of speed for most broadband connections. DownSpeedTestTM also gives you tips and advice on how to speed up your connection, all from the same place.
Get The Speed You Paid For
Dealing with your Internet service provider can be extremely aggravating, and never more-so than when your Internet connection speed is slow. If you think you’re getting speeds that are slower than advertised, use DownSpeedTestTM to test speed bandwidth. If the results are less than satisfactory, you can call your ISP and let them know. They may not fix it immediately, but at least they will send someone to see what’s wrong.



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